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Upcoming fun activities to get involved in.


Writing Workshop

Click here to register.

Space is limited!

Virtual: $30

On-site: $130

On-site/overnight: $280

-all on-site attendees  are invited to 3x meals

Workshops on using Tiktok for authors, harnessing your newsletter (even if you don't have one), how to sell a ton of books. Plus writing craft advice, author Q&A, and more.

Guests: authors Christopher D. Schmitz and USA Today bestseller Susan Stradiotto


Murder Mystery

We host Murder Mysteries for private groups.

Get a group of at least 6 together and contact us to schedule a date. Current rates are $30 per person and the game lasts about 3 hours. 

Contact us for more info and to schedule your game!


High Tea

We are available to host teas. We are delving into the world of tea. Gather a group and schedule with us.

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