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Upcoming fun activities to get involved in.


Writing Workshop

Click here to register.

Space is limited!

Virtual: $30

On-site: $130

On-site/overnight: $280

-all on-site attendees  are invited to 3x meals

Workshops on using Tiktok for authors, harnessing your newsletter (even if you don't have one), how to sell a ton of books. Plus writing craft advice, author Q&A, and more.

Guests: authors Christopher D. Schmitz and USA Today bestseller Susan Stradiotto


Murder Mystery

We are hosting our first murder mystery event Nov 25, 2022. Please click a date to sign up if you would like to participate

We also have Murder Mystery events occurring on Dec 16

and on Dec 30 . (30th is full, but you may join as an alternate if there is a cancellation)

(we are hosting these at no cost, but it is the same mystery game, so please only sign up for one!)


High Tea

Our first tea will be held Dec 13 (tues) from 6-8pm and is being held for prospective people wishing to rent grounds in 2023 for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, corporate or family gatherings, as well as getaways.

Sign up by clicking here.

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