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Things to do this summer in Waterloo!

One of the biggest events of the summer is Irish Fest which takes place the first weekend in August each year. Each month one Friday is designated as the Fridayloo which is when we have bands and food trucks in Lincoln Park for the evening. A great place to find events is here The Fair takes place in September and this year we will be having bands replacing the rodeo. One of the headliners announced is Everclear which I listened to back in the 90s.

There are many museums including the Grout and John Deere . There are also many great places to eat, which I will write about in a future blog :)

Here's a picture of our Viking table which can seat up to 12. We host Murder Mysteries here. Get a group together and contact us to host one or get tickets for one of ours coming up June 8th here

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